5 tips to survive lockdown

5 TIPS to survive the lockdown

And here we are again… In a lockdown, forced to sit in our houses. Universities, schools and most of our work are online. We cannot spontaneously take part in any event and even if it is possible – we have to apply earlier. We are struggling with anxiety, fear of our future, depression or just lack of energy and it is only because we can’t make a plan, and we can’t, in a normal way, do anything as it may be cancelled any minute. However, that’s how it works right now and I won’t tell you anything about masks, hygiene etc. because I’m not a virologist or a doctor and I’m not going to say what is right or what is wrong just please listen to someone educated in this topic and believe them because they have probably spent their entire life exploring this topic.

My duty is to try to keep your motivation, energy and well-being on a stable level or just entertain you with something…

It is super hard to do almost EVERYTHING from home for a long time. We start to lose track of time; we can’t even name the actual day “Is it Monday or Saturday?” and the worst thing is that we are getting lazy, sloppy and sluggish. All we want to do is watch Netflix and… yeah, that’s basically it. But hey! There is a solution! Trust me I’ve been there, and I can even say I got over it.
It’s not a magic spell that will work immediately, you have to be patient and consistent.


Your bed is your biggest enemy during this time. I’m not kidding. What upsets you the most? Doing EVERYTHING from your bed. It’s not good for your mental health and also it is GROSS but mostly it is totally mentally unhealthy. What should you do instead? The answer is super easy – just get up and change the place while having the lecture/working or just living your life. If your couch is also your bed, just fold it. It’s not hard, seriously there are plenty of things that are much harder…

2. GET DRESSED – pyjamas are not your daily outfit…

I’m not saying that you should wear a full outfit and make-up everyday but at least put on some pants and t-shirt or sweater but do not stay in your pyjamas for a whole day. Not wearing makeup is actually good for your skin and I highly recommend it but what I’m against is staying in your sleeping outfit all day.
Why should you do it? It stimulates your body for a different kind of work, that is related to a specific tim – the daytime. You will feel better and functionate differently – more efficiently, when wearing jeans and t-shirt instead of your fav, baggy, nighty shirt.


You don’t have to do a workout every day and start practising yoga. Just go for a simple WALK – it’s not forbidden and in my opinion it’s even healthier than torturing yourself with daily exercises. You’re changing your environment, getting a bit of a fresh air and walking increases functionating of your brain and that’s why almost every philosopher and scientist and basically every great-minded human being used to practice daily walks.


I make a  daily schedule from week to week. It may sound like I’m a crazy psychopath, but It works, okay? I plan my day hourly. I schedule every lecture and extra activity that I want to do that day. I know what you can think, is she a psycho or what? No, I am not or at least I don’t have a paper for it, but I assure you that it works. It somehow creates a routine and a plan that I should stick to and follow – keeps me busy and motivated.


It is really important to keep contact with other people. Our reality has been reduced to the virtual world, but we are still humans and we still need social connection, talks, interactions with others. So even if you’re not able to meet with your friends/family face to face – call them, organise FaceTime evening, movie night/quiz night or whatever you wish to do with your friends but just DO IT. DO NOT ALIENATE YOURSELF!!!

And the most important thing, my darlings, is to change your attitude. The situation is not easy for any human being all over the world, but we can’t change it. What we can actually change and improve is our mindset. No problem, you can lie in bed, watching bunch of TV series, complaining about the actual situation and minimise your existence to minimum but don’t expect anything to change in the nearest future… OR you can  follow those five easy steps and try to get the best from the worst.
I can’t put myself in the shoes of those who can barely make ends meet, but I can say a few words from the position of a girl whose busy life full of travels, meetings, events and other, currently forbidden things, suddenly STOPPED. However, I got over it and I’m not saying I’m loving it how it is right now. I don’t even like it, but I accept it and I do my things. I’m trying to get the most of current situation and I hope you can do it too! It’s much easier to endure this world muck that way…

Stay Healthy!

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