Hola muchachos!!!

During this whole pandemic situation, I was locked with… myself and believe me I’m not used to it NOT AT ALL. First two weeks were impossibly hard because all of my plans had collapsed, and I found it quite hard to put myself together. After quarantine depression I went to Berlin to my family (it was last call before all got sick!). Because I had huge amount of time to think about future, existence and other philosophical subjects I came up with the idea to bring PhiloCaro back to life – here I am.
At the beginning I was struggling with topics that I would love to share with you. DIY is not my thing, when it comes to fashion, I love it and it is for sure huge piece of expressing myself, but I don’t feel acknowledged enough in this topic, beauty? Oh please, makeup is a kind of a dark magic for me… As I was searching for my biggest interests, I found out that what I truly love are STORIES, ART, PEOPLE and Philosophy of its existence. After listening to many motivational Podcasts (I will make a list with them for you) I thought “Well, let’s give it a try! It is always worth trying.”. And here I am, PhiloCaro is back (please, don’t even mentioned my almost two-month break after realising my first Youtube video, just leave it, okay?) with new energy (hah…) and ideas!
I just wanted to do it build something that represents me, is mine and maybe (hope so, want that, believe in that) will inspire others or just bring hope and happiness to someone’s life!

 Hola amigos y amigas! Welcome in PhiloCaro world!

P.S: As you can see on my Instagram I’ve changed a little bit but because I’m back in game I want to quickly invite you to subscribe my channel!!!